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Every dog has their own personality 

    Come join our pack and  meet some new friends

Breedbuddies is an established, professional dog walking company based in East Auckland.

What makes us unique is our attention to detail, our 100 percent safety record and we only allow a maximum of 4 dogs per handler.

Bring your swimmers

What Breedbuddies does

We provide dog walking, pet sitting and dog training for busy owners who mostly work all day. 

We help take some of the pressure off not having enough time in the day to walk your dog.

Why dogs need exercise

  • A bored dog is a restless dog.

  • Dogs with nothing to do develop issues such as barking and anxiety.

  • Not only that its beneficial for their health just like humans.

  • Dogs need socialization to know how to interact with each other.

How Breedbuddies is different

We use a system called the B.E.D.A system.

Dogs love routines, and putting this system in place when walking each day helps the dogs have something to look forward to.

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Arrange a free meet & greet 

Before taking your dog out we will pop around to meet you and your dog to discuss what your needs are.

Every dog is different so we need to access their temperament and personality.

Each time your dog is picked up a photo is taken and sent to you at work. 

During the outing we also take pictures and videos.

These are then uploaded at the end of the night to Facebook and Instagram.

Deciding which pack to pair up with

We pair up each dog according to their breed, temperament and situation.

Every Breed is different so they have different energy levels. We pair small dogs with small dogs, high energy with high energy, brach breeds with brach breeds. 

We have found that by doing this we have very happy dogs and owners and no accidents.

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Kimberley and Maxamillion
Dog trainer, dog walker, pet sitter and dog lover
Angie and Stella
Dog walker, pet sitter and dog lover
Dave and Frankie
Dog trainer, dog walker, pet sitter and dog lover
Sanket and Coco
Resident dog cuddler for rescue doggies
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